Going Against The Grain

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Going Against The Grain

George weighs in on his friends' opinions of his relationship with Lina.

I've always been one to be independent of peoples' input when it comes to relationships, even the people that only want the best for me. Most of the time they've actually been right, but every now and then it works against popular opinion. Either way I know it was my choice and not anyone else's influence. My friends, family and otherwise have all voiced concern about this relationship...and I 'HEARD' it. I'm also aware that by "reinforcing" it I may not be allowing Lina any personal growth, or for her to feel the repercussions of her actions, which I will absolutely admit have been very difficult to forgive at times.

Alas, I'm no angel myself....and yeah I've been in Miami on and off for over a decade, so I have done a lot of it apparently...from Aventure to Campden (if you saw the first episode you'll get that one). I know that there is a gorgeous bikini clad girl around every corner and this is one place on earth where the shades of green are limitless...

I'm at that point in life however where I'm really looking for someone to share the rest of it with. I'm not on a timeline here, but I only see myself in Miami I like what Lina brought to the table. I think it's unfortunate that a lot of it is dwarfed by her temper and sometimes unfiltered responses (which I think is a maturity issue and we all mature as time goes on depending on the environment), but as I said before (maybe its a character flaw, maybe not) I always try to find the good in a situation or person.

I think right now I'm beyond confused and experiencing a lot of new emotions which has been although frustrating, a bit exciting. Beyond that it's about my own choices and I think I've done alright so far, as I have some of the best friends and concerned parties a person could ask for. The bottom line is though I could honestly say I wish things could be smoother, nothing good ever comes easy. I'm just going to take a new approach and stop trying so hard and see what evolves or doesn't - at this point I've paid my penance.... In the meanwhile I can promise you this hasn't completely occupied my total attention, and right now I'm enjoying the heck out of another lousy day in Paradise!