Love Life, Shed Light, and the Rest Will Follow

Katrina reveals what gives her so much drive and talks about Esoteric Astrology.

Miami Social’s season finale wraps up as a controversial, daring, volatile and (believe it or not) thought-provoking show for some … yet for others, Miami Social will leave footprints of an ever-evolving, vibrant, edgy, bustling metropolis renowned for its colorful skyline, tourism, fashion, and nightlife, as well as a Mecca for international business. 

“The Magic City” has weathered hurricanes, riots, scandals, corruption, crime, racial tension, political turmoil and endless waves of immigration, only to bounce back with impetuous audacity and so too will the cast of Miami Social, right? (OR SO I PRAY WE WILL MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!!!!! Ha!) 

Miami Social’s finale was a moving experience … watching George in such emotional turmoil and almost palpable pain makes me want to reach and instill a sense of self love in him. I felt his mother’s pain since I have grown to appreciate a mother’s instinctual and unconditional love. Sorah is beautiful inside and out and I know that she is torn by George’s self-destructive path, yet she deserves her own happiness. Hardy is a genuine individual who has earned my respect and admiration. Michael is my funny, sincere, overly-sensitive dear, dear friend — good as they come and truly transparent, which is what I love most about him. We had some fun scenes together this season and I look forward to many more! I smile as I write that because we couldn’t “script” those scenes if we tried! They just happen and that chemistry we have on camera is REAL and priceless!!!! Last but not least Ariel, my friend … you are a brilliant mind and I have always seen the genuine nature deep down in your soul. Underneath it all, the lover and the poet are all compact in you. I never judge others … always attempt to learn and understand why people act and react the way they do … there is always a reason. I know Ariel will find inner peace; I have faith. As far as I am concerned I am far from perfection but Shakespeare said it best – “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” I love you guys. See you at The Gansevoort!

I praise the producers, cameramen, and staff involved in the production of Miami Social for their professionalism, their respect, and mostly for the most enticing views of Miami I have ever seen. 

As I write the last blog for the season, I would like to share a few experiences that have had an impact in my life. Someone once said “No one who achieves success does so without the help of others, the wise, and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” I’ve received amazing feedback from Miami Social viewers, and I am forever grateful for the support. In fact, I have tears rolling down my face as I write this to you all AND … I AM NOT A CRIER! Ha! I can’t begin to express just how thankful I am that I have the opportunity to inspire and help others. At the end of the day, that’s all I desire. Peace, Love, and Happiness. Our time on earth is so very short; let’s celebrate life! 

After reading your feedback on:





I would like to address a few topics which seem to be of interest:

The first one is “DRIVE.”

Since it is the question I get asked the most by friends, clients, colleagues, interviewers, and even perfect strangers. You may be thinking, "What is she talking about? Drive...? The drive that makes a person want to achieve a certain goal ... The drive that makes one person more successful than others …The drive that makes you want to wake up in the morning and go full speed towards achieving your goals. Ambition, clout, effort, energy, enterprise, get-up-and-go, guts, impellent, impetus, impulse, initiative, momentum, motivation, motive, pep, pressure, push, spunk, steam, vigor, vitality ... WHAT FUELS YOUR FIRE...? Get the drift?

A writer for a national magazine kicks off the interview with the first question "KATRINA, YOU ALWAYS SEEM SO DRIVEN. HAVE YOU BEEN LIKE THAT SINCE DAY ONE OR HAS IT BEEN A GRADUAL EVOLUTION?" I smile inside having been asked this question before but this time, I expect it. I recall being 18 years old and being asked the same question. I have to admit back then I was taken aback by the question. I used to sit there and think to myself, "What are they talking about?" Everyone has drive. We are all just driven to accomplish different things. I thought we were all just made up that way. Then I entered the "REAL WORLD," the business world which provided me with the true understanding of what people referred to as “DRIVE.”

So the question normally goes as follows: "Where do you get your drive?" "Can you instill that drive in me?" "Can you teach me to be driven?" "Where do you get the energy?" "What keeps you going?" These are all the questions I get asked quite often. One evening, one of my best girlfriends (I will keep her anonymous as to respect her privacy) came over to my house for a glass of wine and she turned to me and said, "I just don't understand Kat ... Don't you ever wake up in the morning and not want to work?" She continued … "People that don't know you ask me all the time about you and what makes you tick, how you have been able to build a company from the ground up with nothing but desire, how …." I have to admit that I was a bit surprised. This is my best friend — I mean doesn't she know me by now? The truth is when I'm with her, I don't talk about work, my clients, my company. She is one of the few people who really knows ME, the person, not the businesswoman. It was quite clear that she was not only curious, but sincerely wanted to understand my inner strength and unwavering tenacity.

Those who know me well know that I am a catalyst of sorts with an unyielding desire to inspire others, men and women alike, to reach their full potential, whatever that may be. Well, here was another opportunity but this time it was one of the closest people to me. I look at her and I see beauty, charisma, intelligence, and one of the kindest hearts I've ever encountered so why couldn't she see it in herself? Why can't she see her potential?! It is frustrating in a sense, because it is so evident to me. She was blessed with so much and it is up to her to take advantage of what God gave her yet … she is unsatisfied. We talked for over four hours and she always circled back around to the question but "Kat, what do you think I should do with my life? What do you think I would be good at?" I gave her the same answer again and again for I realized it would take a while before she truly heard what I was saying and soaked it in. "It is NOT what I think … or anyone else for that matter, it is what YOU think deep down in your soul will make you happy and only YOU could determine that. You must learn to love yourself since that is the foundation for everything. If you don't have confidence in yourself, no one else will. You need to believe that you are capable and then the rest will follow but it doesn't matter what I think …" We as human beings are constantly searching for acceptance from others while neglecting to find it within ourselves. I happen to think that one is truly never happy, until he/she finds peace within themselves. We are all made up of the same fabric … no one is better than another. Love life, shed light, and the rest will follow. Our minds are so incredibly powerful and we utilize so little of it. It truly IS all in the mind!

There are plenty of days when I am drained, unmotivated but then I take a step back and realize,"I work for myself, I make my own rules, I own my own company, my clients are the best. I get to see their passions drive them to be successful in their various fields whether it is football, basketball, music, baseball, Wall Street, motherhood, etc. I am blessed." I am not the most astute, attractive, quick-witted, the list goes on and on … but I genuinely believe there is nothing that I can't attain for the power is within me. Everyone has the same ability but it must start within. Search for it and you will find it – believe it and it will become reality.

So, here is my answer: I have always been extremely driven. In fact, my friends and clients always tell me that they have yet to meet someone as “driven” as I am. Back in high school I held multiple leadership positions at one time, yet instead of being overwhelmed by the responsibility, I was fueled by the challenge. In college, even though an A and an A+s weighed the same toward my GPA, my transcript lists only A+s. I have always been a hard worker with a relentless temperament. Things have not been “handed” to me yet I was taught not to allow for mediocrity and most importantly to follow my bliss. My career is my self-portrait which is why I autograph it with excellence. My vision is the constant pursuit for excellence while maintaining my integrity and professionalism, particularly since I love what I do. This exhilarating state of being is precisely what I strive to instill in others.
Next topic!!!!  The Science of Esoteric Astrology!!!!!

As a high school student at Palmer Trinity School, Mrs. J. Kjeldsen, my humanities teacher and a magnificent, intellectual woman provoked a series of thoughts that lingered for years after my graduation from high school and inadvertently influenced my curiosity for the science of Esoteric Astrology.  “What is your purpose in life?" she asked as she encouraged us to follow our bliss — words that will always resonate in my mind. From a very young age, my gut always lead me to believe that my life would not be mine, but rather dedicated to helping inspire and serve others. As I’ve said prior, I yearn to instill a sense of self in others and encourage them to make the most of themselves by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of confidence and possibility into flames of optimism, drive and ultimate achievement. 

Esoteric astrology is a branch of Astrology that focuses on the spiritual evolution of a person or groups of persons. Mundane (or classical) astrology focuses on the personality, or one's individual identity. Esoteric astrology focuses on the soul or one's higher purpose. While much of popular astrology today is often preoccupied with outer events, such as if you are to get married or if you will win the lottery, an esoteric astrologer looks for the purpose of the soul, and the inner causes behind what happens in your life. If you are interested in understanding more about your true self, the purpose of life and your spiritual path, esoteric astrology may be of great help for you. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a firm believer!

I learned to spend time in silence; about universal relationships, the interplay of energies handled with heart and mind, being truthful with myself; being highly selective; being motivated and free of selfishness. I reinforced my beliefs — to stand courageously against the tides of counter-opinion, to face difficulties by never turning aside from them. No one promised life would be easy, especially when you are committed to a certain path. Life is a celebration and it continually changes — you must therefore adapt and welcome change. A wise one once said “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character.”

My Esoteric Astrologer, confidant, and friend is a humble soul who has devoted her life to the science. Her name is Rosa Navarro and she owns a small sanctuary/book store by the name of Celestial Angels, Gifts and Books, located at the following address: 2421 SW 137th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33175. Telephone: 305-221-1444.  Many of my high-profile clientele have met with her and their testimonials are quite impressive.

Rosa has a team of individuals that evoke love with a firm determination to serve others. The entire team exudes light and as such, people are blessed by their positive energy, inspiration and guidance. It is not about religion but rather energy and spirituality. Feel free to call Celestial Angels, Books and Gifts, and mention my name

(BRACE YOURSELF by Katrina Campins), my bracelet line is in the works — I encourage you to keep in touch by going to and from there you can either go to my Facebook or Twitter pages.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and may God Bless you all! 

Have a GREATER rest of the Year! I’ll MISS YOU ALL!!!!! PEACE AND HUGS! 

Stay in touch with me via and link to my Twitter and Facebook through my Web site!

Your friend,


A Hair Raising Season!

Michael takes you inside the best of the best with his very own Miami Social Awards!

WTF FANS??? DID WE NOT BRING THE HEAT BITCHES OR WHAT? I was burning up after watching that. Actually, I was almost ready to cry. That was sort of an emotional experience for me and all of us ‘socials.’ Our lives, just unfolded, just like that. But I’m not going to sit here (like I suspect Katrina or Maria may) and make you read all these life lessons to pick up from Miami Social. I’m here to have fun. With that said, here is my very own Miami Social Awards:


MY hair! I know you are wondering why I did it! I just felt like having more hair. Did it hurt? I don’t know! I was uh; a little shall we say, high? Anyway, it was just one of those little self improvement things like going to the gym or seeing my shrink but hello that out tops any surgeries I have ever seen on Bravo!


Katrina and Hardy trying to knock some sense into Ariel. Things didn’t go as planned – as Katrina called it an “uphill battle.” I just loved when Ariel channels Madonna with that British accent thing: “Some people think I’m obnoxious when they first meet me…”



Lina To George: “You’re going to be a Daddy!”


Who the hell was Lina talking to on the phone at the end of the show? Her pimp? I am like so confused! And who the hell is Robert? Yet, another boyfriend? What?


“Jesus, Uptight Ass!”

“You Don’t How to Be a Man!”

“Dick, Just Dick (DEEK)!”

“You’re my biggest hormone!”


Katrina! Show open where she is in that fabulous YSL pump and then she sports that Louboutin when she is showing that pervert Edmundo’s house. Side note: KATRINA please take Lina shoe shopping. I can’t stand the white patent leather shoes anymore!!! HELP US!!!!!


Maria, simply because I love her pink Chanel lipstick. I was going to give this to Katrina but she goes overboard – like how is this girls face always done in the Miami heat? I don’t get it!!!


Hardy, but who cares? Who the hell wears suits in Miami??? No seriously that whole James Bond thing was really genius, but I sweat, and not in that way, looking at him. Katrina could win on this one too – tell me how this girl always is decked out. Heels and a pencil skirt – love that scene on the boat.


When Maria dropped her daughter off at the airport! Then, when she was driving down the causeway, you could just feel Maria’s emotions.


Oh my god, remember when Sorah was in the park with George? When she he’s explaining how he called Lina and the phone went into a French speaking country? Well, the look in Sorah’s eyes was so sad. She just looked at George and said, “I don’t think Lina has ever been honest to you and you two bring out the worst in each other.” That was harsh, uh, but true. Of course, the runner up would be when Ben says to Katrina, “ I can’t wait to get your sh*t out of the house.”


Who can forget when I show up with Maria at George’s party and Lina and I have a fight over Jasmine. That was genius. But Lina, herself is a runner up. I still can’t believe she shows up at Gonzalo's apartment while he and Sorah are cooking a romantic dinner!


I really thought about this one, uh, for less than a minute. AUSTIN !!!!! Best shot of him all season was one I was on the phone with Sorah telling her about Diego and there was this shot of Austin and that cute little face!


Hello, I win this. I mean, you remember me planning my birthday party? Afro’s? Blinking things, what????


Surprise, it was at “the Gans,” when Trixia arrived and grabbed Hardy’s face (like my Jewish grandmother did mine..) and asks, not once, but twice “you like my dress???”


My reference was pretty good when I was with Katrina and I was starring at all those dam bracelets and said how “Lucky Star…” But loved when Ariel looks at Hardy’s friend and tells her she looks like Sandra Bernhard and that’s a compliment because she is a friend of Madonna’s! WHAT? FOOL!


Katrina! “I’ve been with the same guy for 13-years…” WE GET IT GIRL!!!


Oh dude, it’s a tie between “Straight Mike” and “Lina #2”


There were a few here! Loved when Maria was holding my hand during BOTH my surgeries. Once, at Lasik and once during my Chia Pet surgery. But, hands down, in the finale when Katrina comes to my house after she signs those divorce papers that was heavy.


George to Lina: “I’m getting all these text messages saying you had an abortion!” But, that may tie with George writing to Sorah because he needed her after the season finale blowout with Lina and she hits ignore!


Maria! OMG – who was going to school here you or Anjelika? That was too much the white preppy shirt, the tie and the hot pink lips. Runner up, and I hate having Maria and Lina in the same award, but it’s true, Lina #2 outfit, the plaid cheerleader dress and all….


I really thought about this one. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Campins girls. But Momma Campins, she’s gotta let go of Ben. Then of course there is when George’s mom came to town… When she said, “I didn’t raise my son to be broken.” OUCH, that wins.


Lina, that girl asks the funniest questions. She created a tie! When in the season finale George asks his Mom what she thinks of Lina and his Mom is well, sort of dumbfounded. “What do you want your mom to say I’m a bitch?” asks Lina. UM YES! Then, I love when she asks George in Episode five, “What do you think I’m a liar?” UM, YES!!



EWWWW, Who was Ariel’s client? That god-awful underwear designer? I mean seriously. OMG, I felt so awful watching that scene. I actually felt badly for Ariel But least not forget, Katrina’s perverted client, Edmundo when Katrina “apologizes” for coming on a Saturday and he says with his wife around, “looking at you always makes me Saturday.” CREEPY.


Ariel talking to me at the Gans: “Half the things you write about are 70% not true.”


Lina takes it again. I was so confused when Lina was laying in bed and tells George “they lost the baby…God didn’t want it for them.” WHAT? Weren’t you just telling your mom that you were going to head over to the clinic and take some pill? GIRL!


Loved when Katrina was trying on those clothes created by another designer for Ariel’s fashion show. When he was going on and on about how fabulous the clothes were and I said: “Maybe you can pull that bullsh*t with Katrina, but don’t pull it with a Queen!”


Hands down, Ariel’s show. Still, I can’t get over this. Didn’t it go something like this: Welcome to the fashion show – only thing is I didn’t actually design the clothes…


Me and Ariel going at it over Kim Kardashian. Remember, I call her a reality whore (I am one too, I get it and accept it) but he’s trying to convince me that she is better than that and she does a lot of charity work. I was like what is your point and that’s when I said, “You Can Still Be A Whore And Do A Lot of Good!”

Speaking of being a whore, I have a lot of things to do. I have to go raise funds for Thanks for all your support and watch those re-runs!!!!!