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Too X-Rated

Don't call Sorah a cougar. Let her explain why.

I will start this week's blog by answering some of the questions I’ve been getting from my past blogs & episodes.

Yes! I am Brazilian, I moved to the US almost 10 years ago, met George probably within the first 7 months that I was living here and we were together for over 6 years!

After so many years together, having him and most of his friends my only friends for such a long time, it became inevitable, especially in Miami Beach (such a small world) that we bump into each other everywhere. The separation was amicable, for the most part & I care for him as I would care for a young crazy BROTHER! LOL

I walked out on him at dinner firstly because he was making rude comments about Gonzalo; which is an unbelievable person, sweet, understanding to all the unusual friendship thing; and did NOT deserve the mistreatment! Aside from that, I thought he was getting too much on my “business," you know? So I said enough!

I know, I know, I too am guilty of getting too much on his business! But with one only difference - I do it because I think it looks obvious to me & I believe most of you, that George & Lina’s relationship is not the most healthy. I also know that when they fight and break up he becomes a mess, drinks too much, and can’t function or work! So, especially at times like this, I can’t help but get concerned about the whole thing.

Now talking about times like this, most of you were wondering about my line of work, and as you may or may not know, I work with real state. I am not self-employed like Katrina, so we work on similar but very different ways as well. I work for the Related Group, one of the largest development companies in the U.S., doing a little bit of everything, but mostly rentals & property management, but also sales from time to time, for a building called Icon Brickell.

We opted for not showing much of that, because we thought that would be best not to invade the clients' privacy & life. The option to participate on the show was mine not theirs, right? But the building is gorgeous, if you have a second check it out

Back to the show now. I remember on the first episode, specifically at the beach, Maria said that after we turned 30 we become sex cats. I guess after seeing episode 3 you will assume I am a sex TIGER, or COUGAR or something!!! Haha!!! Well, I did learn some medical tips here and there, about body sensations, not necessarily sexually speaking, but I definitely didn’t express myself very well there, it sounded too x-rated…. But oh well, it is what it is!

Well, that’s it for this week, I hope you loved this episode as much as I did! I am already looking forward to episode 4 now!!!

Incredibly Moved

George explains why finding one's "inner whore" was the theme of the finale!

I actually have watched the finale half a dozen times from beginning to end and found myself incredibly moved (in many different directions)....

However one theme was evident:

Katrina and Ben finalized their chapter and embarked on new find their inner whores separately.

Maria decided she wants to start dating and prolong her life by finding her inner whore.

Michael did some self improvement=confidence=dating=inner whore.

Ariel shows his inner whore has some ethics.

Sorah has found the man to satisfy her inner whore...

Hardy figures out his inner whore probably just isn't ready to settle down yet......and me???

We'll, I've tried all season long to supress my inner whore and transcend my past to focus on one woman whom I would want to grow old with....I've really got nothing else to say...