What a Ride

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What a Ride

Find out what Sorah thinks of Lina and George's relationship.

Wanna come with me, take you on a ride.... The Miami Social song still on my mind, haha!!! And what a ride this week!!! Starting with Lina & George; more like a ROLLER-COASTER, huh? When people say "sometimes bad things happen for a good reason," I think this "say" might fit just perfectly here. I don't want to sound mean at all, but how can they raise a kid like this? They can even have a normal argumentation, they can't pass a week without those crazy fights?! I think there is a big lack of respect, how can they serve as an example to the child?!

Here I am getting involved yet again, in George's life. I know I have to try to refrain from doing that, I promise I am going to try.

Katrina's new HOME SEARCH. Big applause for her, for a woman to be able to afford homes like that on their own is impressive, but I have to agree with Michael on that one, I think when you come out of a long term relationship like she did & never lived alone before, those houses are not the perfect fit for her. She will definitely feel lonely over there, that's my 2 cents on this!

Maria & Ariel's SHOOT; I have to agree with Ariel on that one, of course the money is super important, but to be a photographer or an art director you must have passion, c'mon it's an art!!! On a another note, of course Maria has it, if you see her work, you will see it, the passion really comes out and every piece! I am a strong believer that we will always do better what we love to do, and be gifted & talented is definitely a huge bonus! But what really made me laugh was the comment Ariel added right after the scene; "sometimes you got to thing before you say things, sometimes I have to think." Haha, classic!!!

Then Michael pursuit for LOVE; and BTW what I LOVE is his laughter, I don't even care about what he says sometimes, but if he laughs, I can't help but to laugh with him. And the fact that he met someone that Gonzalo & I know, is super! I pray that this works out, he deserves it!

I have to go back to work now, see ya next week!

Incredibly Moved

George explains why finding one's "inner whore" was the theme of the finale!

I actually have watched the finale half a dozen times from beginning to end and found myself incredibly moved (in many different directions)....

However one theme was evident:

Katrina and Ben finalized their chapter and embarked on new find their inner whores separately.

Maria decided she wants to start dating and prolong her life by finding her inner whore.

Michael did some self improvement=confidence=dating=inner whore.

Ariel shows his inner whore has some ethics.

Sorah has found the man to satisfy her inner whore...

Hardy figures out his inner whore probably just isn't ready to settle down yet......and me???

We'll, I've tried all season long to supress my inner whore and transcend my past to focus on one woman whom I would want to grow old with....I've really got nothing else to say...