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George discusses his approach to relationships.

A lot of people including those close to me, family, and at times myself, didn't get the attraction between Lina and myself. I can simply put it as this: That relationship is really unlike any relationship I've been a part of in the past. I have in many ways probably been more tolerable, due to some of my actions in the past, especially as they pertain to my treatment of Sorah....I guess that whole karma thing really is true...or maybe its just bound to happen when you date extremely independent strong minded career woman with whom a relationship seems to be a convenience. In many ways I felt like I was always trying to find the good, which I would never have in the past due partly to guilt from approaching my past relationships as a secondary priority, and part because I've been really attracted to Lina and not just her 'outer' beauty, but her 'inner' beauty as well. Of course there's a much more crass term a lot of my friends have called "p#$%* whipped."

There are a lot of off-camera interactions when her guard is down, and she is the sweetest, most fun, intelligent woman. I do realize cultural differences in her approach to even day to day communication with me, and unfortunately she's usually been stoic and introverted vs. my approach, which is a bit more outwardly vocal....

I tried to get her to open up and be much more honest in her feelings with me - which I also know annoyed the HECK out of her, and usually ended up in an argument. HOWEVER, with that said, I don't believe there would ever be a reason to mislead me in such a manner to say she was going to NYC and ending up on a mega yacht in St. Barths stranded, but for "business." I really have no clue to the actual details, and what was going through Lina's mind eludes me, and no actual sales or results came out this extremely unorthodox "business" trip, to my knowledge... I truly didn't know if I could get past this one or ever trust Lina again.

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