Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jeffrey gives us the backstory on the La Jolla installation and his genius tendencies.

on Jun 7, 2011

Speaking of clients, I was really pleased that they loved the end result. The arrival midway through the install was not ideal, but in the end it worked out fine. The house is truly spectacular, if I say so myself ("I don't want to call myself a genius but..."). It's really gratifying when three years worth of work come together, and the end result is something beautiful and comfortable, and feels like home.

You the viewers only got to see a small portion of the house. There is so much more I would love for you to see! The bathrooms are all so beautiful. We used an amazing selection of handmade tiles from Spain and Morocco. I adore antiques, and the house has some really special ones in my opinion. Did you notice the blue, glass globes in the walkway that leads onto the courtyard? They are from an old bank in Pennsylvania -- funny that they ended up working so well in a Spanish house in La Jolla. I love all the antique textiles I turned into pillows in the living room and family room. The 300-year-old Spanish wooden carved panel Ross is seen carrying into the house is gorgeous. If you follow me on Twitter @jeffreymarksinc you will get to see some snapshots of the house that I plan to post, and, if all goes according to plan, you will see the house on newsstands soon in a certain magazine.

As I write this I'm in New York for Elle D├ęcor magazine's "A-List" luncheon. The "A-list" is the magazine's 25 top decorators. I'm honored and delighted to be included on the list, and in such great company. My good friend and castmate Kathryn Ireland is with me, and so we are off to a few of our favorite antiques stores to do a little shopping now. I firmly believe there is always room for one more chair in a room so I'm going to go find a few!