Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn Ireland describes the cameraderie between the decorators, and her much-needed rest, courtesy of Martyn.

on Jul 12, 2011

As an overview, this episode really showcases the soft underbelly of camaraderie and goodwill that exists between professional rivals in the otherwise back-biting, competitive world of interior design. But on MDD this week, Mary helps Nathan, Martyn rescues me, and the great Suzanne Tucker saves the day for Jeffrey and Ross.

Nathan Turner, meanwhile, heads to the Elite Leather factory to inspect the manufactured prototype designs for his furniture line. Unfortunately, there has been a miscalculation in the dimensions for the bolsters on one of his sofas. Dubbed “Frankenstein arms,” Nathan’s Elite rep assures him the problem will be fixed in time for the furniture show in High Point, NC. Nathan is understandably concerned. The High Point event is the “high point” of every furniture designer’s year. What London’s Decorex is for fabrics and what ArtBasel means for modern and contemporary art, the High Point Market is the bi-annual furniture exhibition where American retailers buy inventory for the year. Mary joins Nathan for the journey to North Carolina where they check into their hotel and waste no time acting out their Scarlett and Ashley Gone with the Wind fantasies as they ascend the Comfort Inn staircase. (Come to think of it, Mary bares more than a passing resemblance to Scarlett O’Hara –- witty, resourceful, witchy, and beguiling.) When Nathan encounters his sofa at the Elite showroom at Market, the Frankenstein arms are gone and have been replaced with perfect round bolsters. Mary helps Nathan re-stage the presentation of his furnishings before the very important Bloomingdale's sales team arrives and it’s a huge success. Nathan loves it. Elite loves it.  Most critically, Bloomingdale’s loves it. Mary wasn’t in High Point to simply fluff and tease Nathan’s booth however –- she was also debuting her own fabulous lighting line.  Afterwards, Ashley and Scarlett celebrate at an authentic Southern diner. This is where Mary diverges from role model Scarlett O’Hara. Scarlett dug turnips out of the red clay with her bare hands and ate them raw before shaking her fist at the heavens. As God as my witness, Mary was positively squeamish about tasting a little ole hushpuppy.