Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn discusses Jeffrey and Ross' coffee table debacle and explains how to avoid it.

on Jul 12, 2011

Jeffrey and Ross however make a very expensive mistake for themselves when they become emotionally attached to a John Dickinson vintage table that they want for their own home. The table, a fine specimen of Dickinson's work, seems in great demand and they end up in a battle to prize it back from a buyer, who beats them to the purchase at the San Francisco antiques show. Once home with their prized piece however, Jeffrey finds the table scale is far from what he had imagined for the space, and finally after many permutations, ends up re-purposing it to become a side table, which is what it was originally designed as. Yes, an expensive side table, an expensive mistake too, but fortunately it's a great piece that I'm sure will end up as an investment some day. 

The lesson to learn here is always do a room plan, scale it out, and roughly draw in the furniture pieces you have in that space currently. Then you can clearly see the size you need to fill in with a desk, bookcase, or coffee table as in Jeffrey's case. If you take this plan with you when shopping, you can instantly tell if a piece is too big, too small, or actually perfect. A good designer's first talent (hopefully) is an understanding of space and scale. 

So my delicious ones, learn from my tip, avoid your own expensive mistakes, and as always -- live, love, and decorate!