Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn confronts his chocolate addiction and ponders the hand-washing habits of the rich.

on Jun 7, 2011

The show this week is hilarious, and fortunately saved from decorating doldrums by the mad and delicious fandangling of Kathryn Ireland and I in an episode that is not to be believed.

It highlights my crazy chocolate addiction that I have had for so, so long, and also my hunt to lose weight -- which I could only imagine was gained by the chocolate feast I have been consuming nightly for years.

I engage in convincing my marvelous client, Paul McKenna, the world's most famous hypnotist, to help me stop my chocolate fervor by promising to decorate for him in exchange. Paul, an absolute genius self-help guru, some how works his wonder on me -- despite my naughty partner in crime, Kathryn, trying her very best to make me continue this indulgence of all things cocoa-infused.

Jacqueline, Kathryn's long-time, trusted housekeeper is beyond mad, with her cooking skills being tested during one of our impromptu dinners, while incomprehendably telling tales of her own evenings plans with Italian lotharios. It seems so hard to believe that Kathryn has such a wondrous character working for her, but it is totally true.