Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn discusses how fashion and interiors work hand in hand.

on Jun 21, 2011

The tale of this week's episode for me is really the fact that fashion and interiors are so closely connected. When paired together they make the most delicious results. You see this executed perfectly by me (even though I say so myself) in this episode with my beautiful friend and longtime client Tamara Mellon, founder and creator of the Jimmy Choo Shoe and accessories empire and one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. We decorate her ultra-luxurious sex pit of a penthouse in New York city together whilst carefully being influenced by all things Jimmy Choo. Tamara lives for her brand -- she is the brand -- so her home has to be an extension of this brand. You will see the beautiful leopard prints, lacquers, mixed metals, and glamorous finishes, shimmering 1960's chandeliers, amazing gilded walls, and luxe designer furniture juxtaposed against fine artworks.

You also get to see the inspiration behind the Marilyn Minter (one of the most collected modern photographic artists internationally) Jimmy Choo campaign that graced the pages of all the top magazines. The shoes she used in the ads were covered in liquid pure gold! Then these dripping creations were shot with one of the most famous supermodels. After the shoot Marilyn signed these shoes and now they have become valuable, historic artworks that I decided to encase and become part of the interior design of the $30 million apartment. You get to see the process and installation of these, plus a tour around the newly completed penthouse and a peak into what we intend to do to Tamara's spectacular 5,000 sq ft terrace.

My darling Kathryn Ireland struggles this week to create a chic interior for her impatient client Shannon Factor. Using her connoisseur's eye, Kathryn artfully puts together some beautiful schemes for her client, all magnificently presented in the most professional manner -- but sadly her client just doesn't seem satisfied. Stay tuned to see how Kathryn will juggle these difficulties, and I'm sure create yet again another of her award winning interiors.