Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn discusses his day and thanks all the people that made the show a success

on Jul 19, 2011

Our season finale is full of the kind of high drama only Million Dollar Decorators can offer up!

Dearest Kathryn, sadly, seems to get fired by her client Shannon Factor, although if you have watched the whole thing play out you will know that actually this parting of the ways is a mutual agreement. Shannon proves to be a handful and really wants to control her own design job, while Kathryn, always the professional, marches on doing her best to keep her client happy -- when really it becomes soul destroying. As a creative person you need some free reign to create the beauty you imagine for your client. Shannon doesn't let that happen and keeps a tight grip on all. So really the outcome is a happy one for Kathryn. She gets to move on and use her ample creative talents elsewhere and create a beautiful home for more appreciative clients.

Jeffrey finally reaches breaking point. The Hungry Cat restaurant he has been working on throughout the series is almost finished, but he comes to blows with the rather butch-looking female contractor who looks like she could punch him out at any moment! The boys are whipped into a frenzy to get the place open on time despite extreme difficulties with the contractor, the un-sealed floors, and a tight budget that has long run out. They eventually take the bull by the horns and finish the job themselves -- even carrying in the furnishings and hanging the art. The reveal to their client is much appreciated, and I'm sure a huge relief to the boys that he likes what he sees, and they get to happily go relax and recover!

After last episode’s success for Nathan with his Elite Leather line at Bloomingdale's (where I just visited his gorgeous window at the Lexington store in NYC this week) we see him assisting the marvelous Mary in her design scheme for the entry tent of the L.A. Art and Antiques Show. Every year a designer is chosen to create the entry tent, which leads you into the prestigious show. It's a great honor, and I myself actually did it last year.