Mary McDonald

Mary comments on her wardrobe, the stresses of the presidency, speaking French, and dinosaurs.

on Jun 7, 2011

Speaking of listening to me, if you hear one thing right now hear this: Nancy or Le Schmance (how I personally like to refer to her in the office) is very, very smart. Having attended Berkeley She is much smarter than I actually, which never really bothers me because she always flatters me by calling me a true artist, and I buy it every time. I love flattery but who doesn't? After all I am a "True Artist." Le Schmance from Berkeley said so, and people that go to Berkeley know their stuff. Right? It feels good nonetheless so I just sit back and soak it in.

Back to then point about Le Schmance and her IQ: she does not think giraffes are extinct and got her words mixed up, which I found hilarious with a capital H! She really set herself up for the pterodactyl comment. I saw the horror in her eyes when she realized what she had said but ah too late, caught on camera! This is actually the fun of all this: my big bum in a horrid from behind dress, unretractable comments etc. One must have to have a laugh at the humor here because life in and of itself is one big foible, or we wouldn't all relate to Woody Allen, who is also a fellow Sag, btw. (Oh, not the Soon-Yi part though, that one is a little off my radar, but whatever works for you.)

Back to Nancy, I must say exactly what I love her for is why we have these power plays. I can give Nancy a huge job to project manage, and, because she is a grown woman with years of experience from the best of firms, it gets done. But -- can I be the boss for a second here? Can someone please just do what I want and put the bed where I want it? We all know the answer to that: NO. It is like I left money in my will, and people are spending it before I am dead. I am alive and well and standing next to you on the install.

I would have left Nancy's bed choice. I was so out of time, and it was not actually bad there either -- but then Nancy would have WON! We can't have that or the game wouldn't be interesting now would it?