Mary McDonald

Mary comments on her wardrobe, the stresses of the presidency, speaking French, and dinosaurs.

on Jun 7, 2011

I am sure we are all relieved Lavin wore his "installation" outfit, right? Pheeeeew is all I have to say. Hey, I kind of need an installation outfit myself, actually. After I run out and buy one, I am calling Martyn's hypnotist, immediately. I am sure there is loads to fix in my psyche. I just have not had the time to do it, and he seems like the fast track to enlightenment. I am texting Martyn right now for his number. I also kind of thought the hypnotist's front doors were kind of chic too, no? Ooh look, now I am French, no? Just say no at the end of your sentences and it sounds more European. That will be in my next book, "Tips For Only the Very Pretentious." No?

Which leads me to Jeffrey's presidential candidacy. I loved his install and well-appointed beach house sans the sink debacle, BUT I would die if I felt the pressure of the presidency on my shoulders. I think I am going to make an appointment for gorgeous Jeffrey at the hypnotist, and perhaps for Ross as well, since he is also gorgeous. They are too gorge to feel all this pressure, and I like my boys to be happy. We all need it. After all, there are more left-handed president's than not, and I am a lefty so the pressure is even more insurmountable for me (although I think my problem is safely an indulgence in potato chips). The country is much safer with me not running it, trust me. Jeffrey and Ross go throw your khakis and bucks on as I am coming to get you for our hypnotist appointment.

Now Kathryn and Nathan don't seem to need this right now, as Kathryn knows the great enjoyments in life are chocolate and wine -- to which I firmly agree and Nathan's install with a fortune worth's of antique tiles ended in triumph. They seem to not need hypnotism help this time around, but I am still planning a "Win a trip to Kathryn's French country house" contest open to the public so open to thoughts of what it could be? Kathryn has not confirmed this by the way, which makes it risky -- which is more fun.

I must run and get the boys for our hypnotist appointment.

See you next week.