Nathan Turner

Nathan chats about the trip to India that inspired his One Kings Lane shindig.

on Jun 28, 2011

Hey guys!

I'm really excited for tonights episode. It shows one of my true passions, entertaining! Since I was a child I've always loved food, cooking, and throwing parties. My family entertained a lot and one of my favorite things was to help set the table. I loved to watch a theme or idea come together and still do. In fact, these days I opt for big themes and ideas -- as seen in tonight's episode.

I had already done two sales on (I was their very first Taste Maker Tag Sale. . .thanks to Andrea Stanford!) when Susan Feldman (the co-founder) and I were chatting about my buying trips abroad and she asked "What if we did one for One Kings Lane?" We chatted about exotic locales and India came up. . .I was quick to say yes, and off we went.

India was a life changing trip for me, I've traveled extensively in my life, but have never seen the contrast of beauty and despair cohabiting as it does in India. I quickly fell in love with the people and culture and have such a deep respect for them. Susan, my boyfriend Eric, and I started in Delhi, then flew to the pink city of Jaipur, and from there, drove on what I dubbed "the highway of death" to Jodphur. Each city had something new to offer. The textiles in Jaipur would blow your mind (the jewels were pretty amazing too. . .ask Mary about that!) Jodhpur was the furniture capital. You name it, they make it there. We found so many beautiful things and they all came back and were sold on One Kings Lane in April. . .fortunately we had some more things come in and are having another small sale this Wednesday! The party was to celebrate our trip and launch the sale.