Nathan Turner

Nathan chats about the trip to India that inspired his One Kings Lane shindig.

on Jun 28, 2011

I knew I wanted to go big so I enlisted a wonderful Indian Wedding planner (Sonali Flowers) she helped me achieve the look I wanted especially with those wonderful marigold garlands. I love working with flowers and always do my own, so it was really fun to work with someone and learn something new. . .who knows, if you stop in the shop I may just be stringing up marigolds now that I know how!

Mary and I have done major events together and thrown countless dinner parties, so she is always my second opinion on everything. It's great to have that person whose taste you trust and will always be honest with you. Not to mention she cracks me up!

Editor's Note: Watch a bonus clip of Mary and Nathan's trip to "Little India" now.

One of the things I loved about this party was seeing everyone dress up, it's so much fun when guests participate, I mean how great did Mary and Kathryn look in their saris? The most important thing when throwing a party is that everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

With that said, it was a succes. . .and heck, I think Jeffrey even found an intern.

On the other side of town, i was impressed with how Kathryn handled her Malibu job. It seems kinda tricky, but I know Kathryn can do it -- always love her honesty too!

I thought Martyn's job for the gorgeous Daisy Fuentes was a perfect fit, glamorous with soul  -- just like her.

With summer here I encourage you to throw your own outdoor extravaganza. I would love to hear about it or see pics on my Facebook page or Twitter (@nturnerdesign).

See you next week!