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Our Associate Editor ponders the presidency, hypnotists, and the proper cup size for Kathryn Ireland.

Jun 8, 20110

Our decorators were going all in this week. Big projects. Big chocolate addictions. Big flea market bras. If you're stressed out just thinking about all that you're not alone, President Obama is also sweating it (according to JAM, at least).

Darling Nathan Turner also has a major reno on his hands this week. He's redoing the phenomenal patio of his friend and Portia de Rossi doppelgänger Melissa. Nate dog has been working on her abode in some shape or form for the last eight years, which means he started when he was 12 (Just kidding! You're just so boyish NT.) The house looks gorg so surely the patio will follow suit. The pals jaunt off so Nathan can sketch some plays of what the room will look like:

Hold your head very still Melissa. I need to get your profile perfect.

Nathan and Melissa also head to pick up some Moroccan delights. They should have just called The Real Housewives of New York and had them bring you a couple of things back -- not hangers, of course, but caftans, henna tattoo supplies, anything you need really.

Ultimately N-8 settles on some divine antique tiles that Melissa's soul patch-sporting contractor does not understand. He gets the client in a huff when he announces everything has arrived in shambles. It's shambles chic! Nathan handles things and -- tada, the patio is the sort pf Boho global affair everyone wants to sip a margarita on. (Call us Melissa, we'll even bring the bottle of SkinnyGirl ourselves.)

Melanie C.
Melanie C.

My favorite MDDs are Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kathryn Ireland! They're hilarious and incredibly fun to watch. I would love to see more of Jacqueline, Kathryn Ireland's nutty French alcoholic housekeeper and her surfer dude sons. There is no such thing as too much Martyn...

newly addicted
newly addicted

OMG. I love your new show!!! I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Bravo fan and I am convinced that this is the best show Bravo has produced. I absolutley love all of the designers and their support for one another. I have not heard one of them speak ill of any one of their counter parts. Yay to Bravo for bringing us pure entertainment and great television. I look forward to every week.