The Semi-Gloss's Associate Editor shares her own High Point and purple lemonade experiences.

Jul 8, 2011

Hello my little footed tables, I hope you ordered a plate of bacon wrapped dates and a purple lemonade because we are going to recap this show until we fall asleep under Kathryn's blanket.

This week Kathryn decides why not spend the day recharging and following Martyn around on his gig? Martyn's got to redo the screening room at the chic Colony Palms Hotel. It's got to be Justin Bieber appropriate, so that's a pretty high standard. Sometimes the litany of celebs Martyn lists off just amazes me, and the people that frequent this screening room don't disappoint. He's aiming for a global chic sort of feel and finds it in an amazing Indian tray. What does Kathryn find? She finds salvation and relaxation in some calamari, garlic prawns, mussels, bacon-wrapped dates, sea scallops, and copious cocktails. She also finds a nap.

The tooth is right under the pillow, you don't have to wake me up.

But seriously, before Martyn trots out to collect the sleeping pink panther, the finished product looks really great (Check out the Before and After Shots). I'd love to lay on those new couches in that chic dessert den and watch a Tarantino movie with some garlic prawns and purple lemonade myself.