The Semi-Gloss's Associate Editor shares her own High Point and purple lemonade experiences.

Jul 8, 2011

In other BFFs news, Mary and Nathan are off to High Point.
Let me tell you a little something about High Point. In a former life, this very editor went to High Point many a times on business and it's a wonderfully strange place. It's Space Camp for decorators. You are submerged in all of the pretty things you love, surrounded by people that have the same passion for interiors that you do, and you're all in together in some strange mall that happens to be in the middle of the South. Getting a good hotel can be crucial, and once upon a time I was not so lucky. This as accurate as I can recall exchange should tell you everything:

Me: Hello, I’d love another blanket please, mine has a few rather large stains on it.

Front Desk Attendant: I’m sorry m'am there are no more blankets.

Me: Excuse me?

FDA: Yes there are no more blankets. The hotel is booked and we don't have any extras. [Click]

So I understood Mum's horror first hand. Someone most definitely did sleep on that bed and it was not Ashley.

What have you done?!?

When the guys finally make it to the actual business of High Point, Nathan is showing off his line for Elite Leather (which Nathan, please send me any and all of those ottomans, particularly the purple. I would die, die, die Rachel Zoe-style), while Mary is showing off the lamps she designed for Robert Abbey with the aide of AltaVista to name them (French for Kim, is Kim, just in case you wanted to name one after me). One of the many reasons I adore this show is because the decorators are so amazingly supportive of each other. Watching Nathan and Mary squeal with delight about each other’s designs, tinker with arrangements, and generally fawn on each other as needed was really heartwarming. And seeing Nathan’s success when Bloomingdale’s adored his dual material couch made my Grinch heart swell two sizes larger.

Or perhaps that was just all the fried food I ate.