The Semi-Gloss

Our Associate Editor ponders the proper time for an Edible Arrangement, the design lessons from Taco Bell, and decorating with your ex-boyfriend.

Jul 5, 2011

Jeffrey and Ross are still tooling away with Hungry Cat. After SconceGate has been settled there’s a new issue at hand -- Flooring Situation 2011. Jeffrey is not at all pleased with the hangover bistro tile from restaurants past. So he does what any good decorator does: he rips the floors out without telling his business/pleasure partner because he doesn’t want to ruin their weekend.

Well my Monday's shot!

Well, once the sun sets on Sunday, all is not well and good. This is going to be a budget disaster and the chef is less concerned with the floors and more concerned with what folks are going to eat. Are people going to have to balance their chairs on the edge of these floor craters because they can’t afford the 50k oak panels JAM and Ross found? Will people be dining and dashing by digging holes to China through the open spaces. We’ll have to wait until next week to see, because the only resolution we get from Jeffrey/Ross is a fabulous scene in which we learn Ross is Claudia Schiffer and Jeffrey would never lean on furniture.