The Semi-Gloss

Our Associate Editor ponders the proper time for an Edible Arrangement, the design lessons from Taco Bell, and decorating with your ex-boyfriend.

Jul 5, 2011

And finally I'm able to address the greater issues with Edible Arrangements.

Raise your hand if you would be offended by a fruit bouquet. Would you say no thanks if those flower-shaped melons could net you $1.5 million dollars? It's an interesting proposition, but one that the Miss Mary McDonald has little to know problem making.

Well, let's be honest. Her client Dru has a few other problems besides her affinity for cantaloupes carved into roses. Dru is a bit bubbly. "She's bubbly, like a bubbly glass of something." She doesn't understand the differences between pastel and magenta. She wants to put the gym in the foyer. She loves the way the carpet and the floor intersect. It's bleak. The Taco Bell aesthetic (and not even Combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell eclectic) is going to be tough to finagle. And then this happens:

Nail, meet coffin. There's no coming back from that. Problem solved. 

Next week Nathan and Mary jaunt to High Point, land of the giant chair and furniture market, while Kathryn takes in a plethora of purple lemonades poolside. Until then Tweet us with your fav decorator and leave your opinion on the proper fruit basket contents in the comments.