The Semi-Gloss's Associate Editor laments the end of the season and broken bike chains.

Jul 19, 2011

There there my little hard laborers. I know you're upset that our run through the land of Million Dollar Decorators is over, but dry those tears. Top off your champagne and order the crab cakes. Let's recap our favorite show one more time.

Let's start with Martyn as it is his day and all. Honestly I feel everyday should be Martyn Lawrence Bullard Day or at the very least we should show more reverence to the one we have. Make it a bank holiday. Stores should offer a discount on chocolate. Sharon Osbourne should spend the day on TV expounding his greatness. The flags should fly at an extra fabulous height. We could say things like "Have a Delicious Martyn Lawrence Bullard Day."

I digress. Not only is it his day, but MLB also won the International Interior Designer of the Year award. His prestigious party looked like a riot and featured a host of A-listers including a certain Californian bravoleb with a dog and another who hosts killer dinner parties. See all the snaps here, but one of my personal favorites is below.

Too fabulous to caption.

Let's give a big kudos to MLB who deserves every accolade in the book