The Semi-Gloss's Associate Editor discusses parties, diamonds, and hygiene.

Jun 29, 2011

Hello my marigolds. Are you ready to party? I certainly hope so, because I, like Mary McDonald, have a purse full of cocktails and unlike Jeffrey Alan Marks, I am having no problems getting the bottle open or not breaking a glass (I'm serving y'all in plastic cups because, like Nathan Turner, I blew the budget on my arrival by elephant).

This week a lot is happening. People are settling their differences in the tub, garlands are being strung, pictures are getting blown up beyond the Walgreen's photo department's capabilities. Basically, all of our decorators are busy little bees so let's dive right in.

Mr. Martyn Lawrence Bullard is hard at work for the one and alone Daisy Fuentes, MTV VJ extraordinaire. Daisy's putting Martyn to the test by having him create a Cuban-inspired living room and then if she likes, allowing him to expand to the rest of the house. To dazzle Fuentes he avoids creating an America’s Funniest Home Video and skips ahead to create a massive lovely mural thanks to the backdrop folks at Warner Brothers. I have to gush about this for a second because I had my doubts. What if they had printed out the wrong backdrop and we'd be in X-Men: First Class, or what if not covering the whole wall made the image look shrimpy and strange? But I tip my hat to you MLB. That photo looked ravishing blown up, like a delightful decrepit room just out of reach. You earned that Scotch!

Meanwhile, JAM HQ is mobile and visiting the Hungry Cat restaurant they've been tinkering with since Episode 1. With Demetra 1 in tow they examine the portholes they so carefully chose and start getting down to brass tacks about how St. Barth's the oyster bar should be. Also Ross is wearing Oliver Twist suspenders, which is obviously of note.

Please, sir. I want some more