The Semi-Gloss's Associate Editor discusses parties, diamonds, and hygiene.

Jun 29, 2011

Unfortunately, his sartorial choices are more appreciated than his design input this week, and JAM and Ross are in a bit of lighting limbo. Jeffrey needs a second to get his vision together. He's a slow drip coffee pot, and the little instant coffee Ross needs to back up. This leads to what I think will be the future schoolyard taunt of decorators everywhere:

What restaurants have you designed in the world?

Snap! Ya burnt, Ross. Ya burnt. . .

Meanwhile, we finally get to see the precious Nate doing his thing -- creating a chic shindig inspired by his travels to India.

I cannot even with this party. The super saturated colors, the strands of marigolds, the so attractive help -- it looked truly divine. Of course there was a bit of stress in there. Mary was none too fond of the haphazard pillow arrangement, the entire fete was being shot for Elle Decor. No surprise, Turner pulled it off effortlessly, because he's adorable. We barely saw him break a sweat, whereas most regular humans would have ordered all the saag paneer and house wine from the local Indian joint, put it on the table, and called it a day.

Do yourself a favor and immediately watch this bonus clip of Nathan and Mary shopping in L.A.'s Little India. Bliss.

Because Nate is so joyous the party was quite the jubilant affair. Mary was in top form serving drinks from her purse. Jeffrey and Ross, though not wearing saris, attended -- and then we saw Kathryn Ireland dance.

Watching Kathryn Ireland's lightbulb dance w as illuminating. Someone get this woman a Bollywood career and fast. I couldn't help but think of the Kristen Wiig actress character on SNL who was once a star in the play about the Bombay Gang (my Googling attempts are failing me) -- she does basically the same dance and it's one of my favorite things ever. Who knew the lightbulb replacement could become so seductive?