Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jeffrey reflects on the loads of grey in this episode and the La Jolla remodel.

on Dec 11, 2012

Was I the only person who noticed that every room in this weeks episode was grey? I think not! Talk about trends: Mary’s grey Gracie wall paper, Martyn’s hall of mirrors and silver leaf everywhere. We have grey overload! I wish you could have seen the gift-wrapping room we designed for the La Jolla project, it was a riot of color.

I’m happy the little girls' bedroom made the show. All the pink was a breath of fresh air after all that grey. I used all of Kathryn Ireland's fabrics and her wallpaper, and it injected some joy into the house. I think the pops of pink in the living room and the colorful art in the dining room, as well as the turquoise chairs, help to enliven the scheme. I like a simple color palette, but you always need a jolt of color somewhere, or the room ends up being a monotone snooze. 

So much more happened on the install that I wish you could see: a house of that size is full of little treasures, but sadly the show is only an hour long and we had to see Stacey Dash’s silver leaf ceiling!