Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jeffrey reflects on the loads of grey in this episode and the La Jolla remodel.

on Dec 11, 2012

I could not believe that the rugs didn’t show up first for the installation. It's the first rule of an install, and on this one it didn’t work out as planned. You can see why it's my first rule: it throws the whole sequence off and makes for a stressful and unpleasant day. None the less, the rugs showed up and they turned out beautifully, and even the Granny chairs are pretty stylish in the room. The whole space is so polished and shiny, that little moment of old fashioned nostalgia makes the room feel like real people actually live in this huge house.

Most importantly the client loves the house so much that she spends much more time there than she intended. Her family use every inch of it and its filled with joy and laughter, so my work there is done! Although maybe I could add some silver leaf?