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Jeffrey Looks Back on Season Two

Jeffrey reflects on projects with Ross, upcoming design jobs in Los Angeles, a new book, and an engagement (!).

I want to take this opportunity, being as it's my last blog entry for the season, to thank you all for watching our escapades on Season 2 of Million Dollar Decorators.  

There were so many fun stories that were unfortunately cut from the season, and I’ve gotten all of your wonderful tweets, Facebook messages, and emails asking to see more of Ross and I this season. I wish we could have shown you more of what we were up to, but sadly Season 2 has come to an end and that's all you are going to see. I guess they had to make room to show the designers doing their own homes, so some of the client work was cut, but good design is all that matters I suppose!

My big wish for all of you is that you all have happy healthy homes in which to watch Million Dollar Decorators and all the other fun new Bravo TV shows coming up this year!  If you want to see more Million Dollar Decorators, don't forget to tweet @bravotv about it and message them on Facebook.  Your voice counts.2013 is going to be a great year. Ross and I have a lot of parties to plan: an engagement, a milestone birthday for myself, and maybe a wedding? In addition, my book, The Meaning of Home comes out late this summer. I hope you will all find a copy. It's filled with projects none of you have seen before, so it's going to be a real treat. My furniture is now available at Palecek and I hope you will consider using it in your own homes.

I'm working on two very exciting restaurant projects, one in Los Angeles called The Larder at Burton Way and another in Montecito, so by the end of the year there will be more JAM spaces you can visit and enjoy on the west coast. I've started preliminary work on my new fabric line for one of the biggest fabric houses in the world, so look forward to JAM fabrics in the future. Please keep tweeting at me or message me on Facebook and let us know if you want us to come to a book signing in your town later this summer! Or if there is anything you want to see from us at JAM Inc. let us know; we read all of your feedback. We love all your messages and ideas!

Much Love, and thanks for watching!

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A Bravo Special in the Making

Kathryn reflects on the super fast season -- and the surprise engagement.

How could eight episodes already be over? The season has flown by.

It's been an amazing season with my beloved cast members all being a little out there, to put it mildly.

In this episode I finish Lindsay's house in the Hollywood Hills, making her a princess cottage that will help her to feel safe!

Martyn continues with the British pub for his sister. There are naturally a few hike ups on the way, but leave it to Martyn to pull it off.

Mary works on her own house, and, with the help of Nathan and Konstantine, she has a triumph on her hands.

We all end up at Mary's for the reveal of her new decor and the episode ends with one of us getting engaged. . . Who could that be? Do I see a wedding in the French country side next summer?

I see a Bravo special in the making. . .

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