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Kathryn Does Dallas

Kathryn discusses mixing business and pleasure with friend Liz and why men love wood.

In this episode I go to Dallas to help Liz (someone that I have known for many years from the magazine world) relocate from New York City to Dallas. Working with clients in a different city is is always a challenge. Jacqueline, as usual, is a great packer and invaluable when I am preparing for a trip.

Apart from all the drama with the install we had some fun. . .The design community was fantastic, and unfortunately you don't get to see my shopping trips for furniture and cowboy boots!!! There are so many fun places in Dallas for shopping, one of my favorite being The Wooden House, a shop full of Indian exports and locally made furniture from recycled woods.

Liz is a huge Scalamandre fan, so with my new fabric choices and some of her existing pieces, the family room, living room, and master bedroom really came to life. My friend Ruth from Chateau Domenique drove several trucks to the home from Houston on the install date. We found many pieces for the project that were a perfect fit for the French-Norman inspired house. My biggest challenge was getting all the wood in the house painted out. There was just too much wood! Liz was fine with this decision but her husband was more of a challenge. Men love wood!

Despite a few hiccups during the installation, once completed (and I was!), the house was a triumph.

How come we didn't all get to go to India with Mary and Martyn? That would have been so much fun!!!