Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn discusses working with the megastar on her romantic Hollywood home.

on Jan 1, 2013

A year ago, in fact last New Year’s eve, I went to my friend John Burnham’s house for a party he gave for Woody Allen. Being almost neighbors it was a party that I could even walk home from.

The next day I was going with Oscar, my eldest, to Cuba so a late night wasn’t an option. It was a star studded event, Nicole Kidman, James Spader, Diane Keaton and on and on. As I was sitting down to eat, a pretty blonde stylishly dressed with ostrich feathers (I think) falling from her cuffs, spoke to me only to tell me what a fan of she was of the the show and I was her favorite. Not realizing that she was addressing me I continued eating but was promptly scolding for not responding. How could anyone be my fan when the Hollywood A-list surrounded the table?

We talked and she introduced me to her lovely sister, at which point I overheard her say, "Wouldn't she be a fun mother to have?” Slighly insulted I turned to my freind Ursula Brooks beside me and asked who the lady was to my right. “Lindsay Lohan,” replied Ursula. “Oh that great little actress from The Parent Trap,” which actually I cried in! The freindship began.

Lindsay took the microphone from our host at midnight and insisted on getting us all to sing. I made it clear I could no more sing than skydive but of course I was hoiked onto the upper deck of the garden to help bring in the New Year. Phone numbers were swapped and promises of lunch at Ghelina on my return to LA.