Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn shares her dramas on the install and her thoughts on Mary and Martyn's conflict.

on Nov 20, 2012

I actually can cook! So my morning didn't start off so great and my eggs a la Aga turned into a Benihana extravaganza. The boys will have to look after Jacqueline while I go to Ojai to install the Wallace Neff house I am working on.

During this episode, I shop for antiques at the amazing shops Los Angeles has to offer -- one of my favorites being Galerie Half. Cameron and Cliff have a great eye and understand and appreciate the sophistication of furniture of a "Certain Age." My client not being in the states while all this work was going on leaves many of the details to her right hands. Carl Perkins and his business partner Jamie Styler have a concierge company -- Quo Vadis, (such a good name). Between them they manage properties for their foreign clients and as both are fellow Brits we speak the same language -- well almost.

Jacqueline somehow manages to break her ankle, which is fun for neither of us. She is bedridden for most of the series and becomes more and more demanding. But she is family, so I know the boys will look after her and make sure she is fed and watered.