Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn shares her dramas on the install and her thoughts on Mary and Martyn's conflict.

on Nov 20, 2012

The Ojai install doesn't run as smoothly as hoped. The master bedroom bed has issues, one of the trucks, with of course the key pieces arrives last instead of first. My clients arrival delay is a huge relief and giving me and my brother/project manager Robert and my right hand Jen time to fix a few things.

Enough of me. . .my fellow decorators are hard at it. Ross oversees the redesign of Amber Valletta's lovely house, which is actually not far from mine and which I in fact nearly bought many years ago. Jeffrey has other more important things to do! I'm looking forward to what Ross does to this space. I know that color is key and keeping Amber's husband happy is a number one priority.

Martyn and Mary prepare for their travels to India where they are together going to design a "holiday array" to sell on line. The drama is limited to Mary not being happy with her initial presentation and wanting to make sure her table top voice is heard.

It was a fun episode and if I may say so myself, I look rather chic and well put-together when shopping for rugs. . .