Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn Ireland wonders why Stacey Dash didn't call her and commends her fellow decorators on their good work.

on Dec 12, 2012

This week again lacks my presence. . .but thank god for my fellow cast members who all steal this episode.

Martyn is at his best with a celebrity client and Stacy Dash is fabulous. She loves all that Martyn does and is the perfect client. . .and of course knows how to play to the camera. She wants a cozy home, so why didn't she ask me!?! I understand she and Martyn have great chemistry.

Looks like Mary and Nathan are hooking up. . . or is Mary just starting a camp? Where to go when your house needs work --  MARY'S!!! Hope you don't mind more than a few dogs when I come to stay. . .Loving having Nathan on our screen.