Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn describes the antics she, Martyn, and Mary went through to bring Greystone Mansion back to life and into the 21st century.

on Dec 18, 2012

The small living space off Mary's vast hallway turned out to be very charming and quiet. I used fabrics from both my first and latest collections. My favorite antique stores lent me furniture. Thank you Lief, Galerie Halfe, Obsolete and Blackman Cruz -- and and of course Christopher Farr for the rug. The nursery kitchen, once the gunroom kitchen, was a challenge. We were not allowed to deface any of the cabinetry and hardly allowed to paint. Aga, the English oven company, lent me one of their gas stoves. Agas are the Rolls Royces of ovens. It was not easy getting into the house, and we had to break all rules and bring it up the front staircase. This room was as colorful as my sitting room was quiet. A place for Nanny and the kids to have midnight feasts and early morning cereals.

Martyn has endless drama with his delivery guys not showing up on time, and almost not finishing his room. He has the master bedroom, which is lavish in the typical MLB style. Mary, Martyn, and I manage to sneak in a lunch at Cecconi's during all this madness. It's my favorite restaurant and close to my West Hollywood showroom. Mary's hallway is a difficult one: great proportions, but it goes on forever. She does wonders with some ming and navy.

The opening gala is very Hollywood, lots of glamour and the entire cast, including Nathan. . .Really an hour doesn't do this episode justice. It could have been a full-length feature!!!