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Martyn and Stacey Dash Get Creative

Martyn is far from Clueless when it comes to actress Stacey Dash's dream home, and redecorates to her heart's content.

For this week's episode, you see me decorating a modest but cozy new home for my long-time friend, actress Stacey Dash. Stacey has a very girly taste that needs a glamorous edge, so she turned to me to pull off this "sexy girl grows up and lives in her girl cave" look. Layers of her favorite colors from lilac to imperial purple are used throughout the home to give it her edge, while a dramatic black lacquered treatment is brought into the kitchen, and touches of silver leaf and Ann Sacks' distressed mirror tiles give it that "Stacey glow."

We set about scouring the city to find sparkly things that will add drama to her home, as well as some really cool antiques to give character. . .and most importantly, sex appeal! 

We have one or two dramas, including the breakage of vintage mirrors by my poor assistant who almost collapses after she drops a majorly expensive piece. . .But slowly we recover and find some amazing pieces to really give the home an individual edge.

Finally after the install of all our sparkly-warkly bits, glamorous chandeliers, and fluffy pillows, Stacey arrives for the reveal. Not only is she emotionally bowled over by the finishing touches on her dream home, but the sexy, lounge-y, dreamy palette is completely giving the home her absolute vibe. We save the best for last and finally reveal the bedroom, the heart of Stacey's home. Upon seeing the finishing touches (the fainting couch, the fur blanket, the crystal wall lights, and silver brocade pillows) Stacey throws herself on everything, moaning in pure ecstasy!

As a designer you want nothing more than for your client to love your work -- and this is more than a dalliance, this is a passionate love affair of untold decorative delights!

For me it's been a complete pleasure to see my old friend love the home that she waited so long for me to do for her! She is certainly living, loving and, of course, decorating Martyn style!

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