Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Mary McDonald are inspired by India for a new design collection.

on Nov 26, 2012

The majesty and the markets!

I've always been so attracted to the mystical exoticism of India. Its allure sparkles, drawing me in like a magpie to a shiny object, so when I was offered to go to Rajasthan and design a holiday collection for the booming home design site, I jumped at the opportunity, turban in hand!

My entire life, I have loved to travel the world, allowing all my experiences to color my imagination and inspire my work. India had always somehow eluded me, and twice before I had cancelled trips for some dramatic reason or other. The very idea of traveling to this magical country, home of fierce looking Maharajahs, resplendent in emeralds the size of ducks eggs and walled cities that glow pink in the dusty light of sunset excites me to no end.

To accompany me on this designing adventure was my dear friend and designing diva Mary McDonald, along with, of course, our ever present companions of the moment: the six-strong Bravo TV camera crew to document our every move and experience.

After a long but well lubricated flight on British Airways (cocooned most happily in the very cozy first-class cabin), we landed in Delhi to strange and wondrous sounds of a stirring city as the sun began to rise upon it. Whisked through the streets towards our grand colonial manse of a hotel, I could not contain my excitement and wonder of all the places we would see, and the shopping splendors my American Express would get to witness!

Indeed, our stay in Delhi, all but brief, opened my eyes to the enormous wealth of craftsmanship that India has to offer. From the expert tailor lodged in our hotel lobby (who managed to copy my ridiculously expensive Italian sports coat in 24 hours at a tenth of the original cost) to the Indian Market place, a well-organized souk on the outskirts of the old city where spices, saris, statues, and snake charmers all blend together to excite the eye and empty your wallets!