Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn reflects on his sister becoming a "publican" and lets you know what the thinks a perfect pub should feel like.

on Jan 3, 2013

Upon my first visit to the pub I was astounded by the terrible state of this historic building. The place stank, the floors were caving in, the walls and woodwork were rotten, and many of the traditional details had disappeared. I decided if this place was to once again become a successful business, not only did the pub need its soul given back to it via good decorating that honored both the traditions and history of this pub, it also needed a shift in the outlook of both my sister and Alan.

To me a pub should be old school, cozy, sexy, inviting, and should always feel like an old friend -- familiar, welcoming, and there to give you support and comfort. That is the perfect recipe for a successful pub as far as I'm concerned. . .Now I have to convince both my sister and Alan that in fact is how we need to proceed and my decorative ideas for the rebirth of this hidden jewel are the way to go.

Not only do I have to contend with the concerns of Alan about both my color and wallpaper choices, but there also seems to be a deeper routed problem. The pub is haunted by Napoleon's lover Charlotte who used to live in the pub in the nineteenth century when her lover was exiled to Chistlehurst. The pub was then an inn and apparently she lived there for years and must have eventually died there of a broken heart. She now haunts the east side of the "Charlotte" bar and it seems her presence or another ghosts keeps company in the basement. One of our decorators was actually pulled from his ladder whilst painting and ran screaming into the street!