Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn relfects on India, NYC penthouses, stars, pubs, mansions, and this season's delightful drama.

on Jan 8, 2013

It doesn't seem possible that it’s our season finale already. . .These eight episodes have gone so fast, and even though many months were spent filming these decorative creations for your delight, it now seems like a nano-second, and even I am longing to see more. The many adventures we have had this season, from dramatic New York penthouses with vast marble tables swinging high above the streets (dangerously dangled and hoisted up by a wickedly expensive crane), to wild adventures in exotic and magnificent India, creating collections of orientalist inspired accessories and table top whilst being dazzled by the colors of drenched pink cities and tantalizingly spectacular scenery.

From creating a dream pad for a movie star in hues of soft purple and lilac, to a legendary dining room for a fashion mogul, lacquered in lipstick red with patent leather drapes, my decorating has swung the pendulum of eclectic styles, mixing the bold with the beautiful, the old with the new, and the high with the low. . .All to the delight (at least I hope) of my wonderful and loyal clientele, friends, and viewers.

Now with our finale, I get to complete an 18th-century English pub, set deep in the Kent countryside for my sister and her family. This highly personal decorative journey has had its ups and downs (with all the drama and tears) but ultimately, this 200 year-old building delivers. My only desire is to finish, as fast as possible, this restoration of a sleeping jewel so my sister can start a new business and life for her family. Last week's episode saw the beginnings of the journey and some ghostly interventions, but in this week's you will see how we overcome all the crazy obstructions. Finally, we revealed to the world a beautiful and warmly welcoming environment for the locals of Chislehurst and travelers alike to enjoy a British pint or a choice vintage of wine whilst surrounded in pub-style luxury that these days is becoming so rare to find.