Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn shares how many grey hair he recieved creating the Jimmy Choo founders daring dining room.

on Nov 13, 2012

The season kicks off with a bang! Full on decorating dilemmas, untold glamor, and of course hysterical situations!

I have a big story in Episode 1 where I revisit my long time client and friend Tamara Mellon. Having recently sold the company she founded, Jimmy Choo, for $850 million Tamara has decided to finish off her apartment with a glamorous or as I like to put it "legendary" dining room and treat her daughter Minty Mellon to a new teenage bedroom!

Of course with Tamara being such a style maven it is essential I design for her a full on sex pit of a dining room that will wow even the most distinguished guests.

You followed our journey through the conception of the designs, the inspirations, the shopping in specialist stores for amazing vintage furniture, and, of course, the much anticipated client reveal!

Along the way however we encountered some major dramas -- a 3000 pound marble and granite custom table bound in bronze that just won't fit into the elevator! A team that just didn't know how to keep to a schedule, and a dastardly manufacturer who runs off with my custom designed fireplace!