Mary McDonald

Mary is happy you didn't see all of her embarassing remodeling antics, plus she reveals her age.

on Jan 9, 2013

OK another thing. . .This was "my Mary is chubby in a few bad outfits period" (at least for someone small). I think that beige, weird outfit I thought was so chic must go tonight. I am cutting that weird wool stewardess skirt up -- NO -- more like a nun. Right now as we speak. . .snip snip snip.

For someone that prides themselves on style I have really got to stop walking around in muscle shirts and old jeans on shoot days. I was delusional like I was Giselle or something.

Is Konstantin not gorgeosity at its best though? I love him and every crazy piece he paints and thing he says. He is such a good friend.

And while on the gay topic how great is that that those two gorgeous guys Jeffrey and Ross found each other? They should be engaged. They are perfect together. I want to look like Ross though. What's sad is I am serious. You guys should see him in person. He is as pretty as a girl. . .and at least a dozen years younger than I.

Well I should stop complaining because this is not a makeover show, but I have to say people email me with weird, rude emails about my age like I am 70 and hiding it. They are meant to be snarky and rude so I kind of laugh -- but people I am 48. I turned 48 this past December so STOP ASKING!!!