Mary McDonald

Mary shares tells of "Delhi Belly," sari shopping, and her One Kings Lane line.

on Nov 27, 2012

Before we go ANY further I have to say I adore Martyn, and no one could be more fun, playful and ready to entertain. So frenemies we are not. Although that word itself has kind of a pretty cadence, so too bad it does not have a great connotation! Frenemies. . .hmmmm. . .sounds like I could have a line with that name. . .

I am so honored and grateful that Susan Feldman and One Kings Lane asked Martyn and I to India to design a capsule collection. We all had an amazing time really filled with so many rich life experiences. From the early discussions about our collaboration, I always knew that Martyn and I share a great love of a good time, as well as a love for other cultures in the world, so at the very least we would discover a new great experience together. I honestly have to watch our little tiffs on the screen and laugh. I love Martyn's strong personality and that he actually takes control for so many things -- but in the design world it is one area where we really both have our own big ideas about things. Collaborating with any designer can be hairy since we have all worked so hard to have a voice, sometimes for years and years.

I love that when I go to a foreign country I think it is obviously a costume party for the local custom, and India was no exception. I have been to India before this trip and have tons of clothes from other trips there so it was about time I got to wear them again.