Mary McDonald

Mary shares tells of "Delhi Belly," sari shopping, and her One Kings Lane line.

on Nov 27, 2012

I cannot describe how beautiful India is, even with all the impoverishment that abounds. For living in a superficial world of luxury goods and the world's wealthiest people, I contrarily have a very Out of Africa-side that is quite comfortable within a completely different universe lacking all luxury, or at least I relish the temporary experience of it. It makes you realize how there are so many different types of lives to live out there -- all just as important as the next.

Susan and Martyn were always slapping my hand like a child for touching everything I shouldn't and sticking things in my mouth from vendors. It made me laugh especially when Martyn quipped with some sort of British-accented soliloquy about the filth. He was right but the Shakespeare part Martyn is so famous for sends it over the edge where we all end up laughing, including Martyn.

As usual for my third world experiences, I was the only one that came down one night with a case of what they call "Delhi Belly." The cameras caught part of it but I guess there was no time for me to look that bad on our one hour show! Thank you Bravo, I love you. (It ain't pretty!)

Unfortunately we did not have enough hours to show all of our sari shopping, jewelry shopping, outfit competitions, market place excursions, and palace hopping between design scuffles but believe me we did it all.