Mary McDonald

Mary shares tells of "Delhi Belly," sari shopping, and her One Kings Lane line.

on Nov 27, 2012

We had many Indian dinners by candlelight at some of the most glamorous places in India. Needless to say we all recanted tales of our diverse childhoods and life experiences. Martyn is a very interesting warm and self deprecating man who loves a great laugh with a wicked sense of humor. He entertained us all for our candlelight dinners as well as taking me to his friend Prince Tikka of Kapurthala's house. Yes an authentic prince. I was quickly renamed Mary of Kapurthala as he hoped to marry me off. . .which soon became Diva McDevi. I am now eternally Diva McDevi and happily so.

OK as for Kathryn and her butting head client Liz I feel her pain. This is something that happens to all of us here and there. Oddly I also know this client of hers from the magazine world too. Liz is a great gal, but strong willed from being a career woman, which is quite common. I was watching Kathryn just trying to get her vision in place only to be usurped by the client. He who pays generally wins. Sad but true.

More importantly DOES JACQUELINE ACTUALLY COOK AND CLEAN? I am serious. Does she?

I love watching her, but I don't think I have ever seen her do anything. I mean ANYTHING. Look, I would have her around too, since she is kind of cool looking, but I would have dust balls everywhere at that pace. Well she is French. I guess she can get away with that.

I am glad Jeffrey and Ross have switched cooking nights. . .I guess??? Hey Jeffrey is good to look at even if a little rusty on Paillard techniques. . .Jeffrey love, just let Ross cook doll.