Mary McDonald

Mary comments on her and Martyn's One Kings Lane disagreement and on the impending end of the world.

on Nov 20, 2012

I have to really laugh watching Martyn and I scuffle and miscommunicate in our design meetings before our India trip. There is nothing like watching the witness of camera to see how many times you unknowingly roll your eyes! Even I am hooked a little in the drama and want to see what happens and I was actually there!

Wow has anyone seen me roll my eyes so much? It did not feel like I was doing that at the time, but I guess since those eyes are attached to my head they must be mine. Martyn and I had a different idea of preliminary design meeting, and apparently it becomes very clear as the camera seems to witness. I feel like we might have a Team McDonald and Team Bullard brewing amongst our viewers a la Aniston/Jolie after watching it. No worries by me, in the end though as Martyn and I are both fun loving willing to play types who seem to always get it smoothed out in the end. I can hardly even wait for next week, since I cannot remember how much we have it out on camera or not! In the end we are both professionals and do what it takes for the sake of our product. Boring but true. No Real Housewife catfights here. . .at least not that I can remember -- but I also never remembered that eye rolling.

On a much more important vanity note, I think I lost some of the fashion sausage look and maybe even some weight on this episode. Thank god. Chewbacca is in the back seat. Under control it seems, but as some of you viewers can see. . .yes it was still cold. So I had my Fab Stella McCartney coat on. Even in LA the weather has been so unpredictable, and, since the end of the world is nearing, even colder -- at least that what the Mayans harp on about (or maybe they just didn't have any more room to write on the rock so the world had to end).