Mary McDonald

Mary shares her feelings on moving back into her home, Stacey Dash's tears, and JAM's grace.

on Dec 12, 2012

This episode makes me cringe actually. For a person who is on career-based reality television, I keep my personal life and relationships quite private. So to even see myself talk at all about my relationships and personal transitions makes me quite nauseous. Although I kept the house I moved back into for years as a guesthouse for out of town friends, etc., I had it completely decorated and published in several books. But now I need something that is me right now in life. I kind of needed a new stamp, so for a couple of months I had to cull through storage from my old 10,000.00 square foot house to see what I could re-use and still feel "NEW" about.

Well needless to say I ended up with racks and racks and racks of clothes I could not figure out what to do with be because of so little storage space in comparison to my previous life. Being a complete clothes-collector-hoarder I honestly could not decide what needed to go where and what I could love without. I basically lived in one big walk in closet of clothing racks for weeks. . .

Funnily enough my dear longtime friend Nathan Turner was remodeling his own bathroom and came to stay in one of my guest rooms and I thought he might help me focus so I could get my own bedroom finished and get out of my other guest room. Oddly I cannot seem to make a decision about much in my own house, probably because I can't get comfortable with where I am in my life being single after 18 years. I am kind of a relationship person so being single is awkward for me at best -- and it shows. At least I have an extra home to move into and beautiful belongings to choose from in storage.