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Single and Awkwardly Embracing It

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North South Carolina

Single and Awkwardly Embracing It

Mary shares her feelings on moving back into her home, Stacey Dash's tears, and JAM's grace.

This episode makes me cringe actually. For a person who is on career-based reality television, I keep my personal life and relationships quite private. So to even see myself talk at all about my relationships and personal transitions makes me quite nauseous. Although I kept the house I moved back into for years as a guesthouse for out of town friends, etc., I had it completely decorated and published in several books. But now I need something that is me right now in life. I kind of needed a new stamp, so for a couple of months I had to cull through storage from my old 10,000.00 square foot house to see what I could re-use and still feel "NEW" about.

Well needless to say I ended up with racks and racks and racks of clothes I could not figure out what to do with be because of so little storage space in comparison to my previous life. Being a complete clothes-collector-hoarder I honestly could not decide what needed to go where and what I could love without. I basically lived in one big walk in closet of clothing racks for weeks. . .

Funnily enough my dear longtime friend Nathan Turner was remodeling his own bathroom and came to stay in one of my guest rooms and I thought he might help me focus so I could get my own bedroom finished and get out of my other guest room. Oddly I cannot seem to make a decision about much in my own house, probably because I can't get comfortable with where I am in my life being single after 18 years. I am kind of a relationship person so being single is awkward for me at best -- and it shows. At least I have an extra home to move into and beautiful belongings to choose from in storage.

One can see how a designer's own process can drag on, even for ourselves, with shifts and changes even we don't expect as last minute additions come about. I seem to make quite a few U-turns. By the way please remind me to never wear that snake print '50s style dress again because I look enormous. Also, never never never let a camera shoot me from below. . .what the heck is that angle? The old lady neck angle? Yikes.. I am calling Demi right now and asking who nipped and tucked it all. . .like right now. . .or maybe Nicole or Michelle. Please. . .something has gotta give and I don't mean those Diane Keaton turtlenecks!

How much do I love Jeffrey and Ross for being BEYOND gentlemanly and gracious about the continual resurfacing of my book and lamps by their client for inspiration. I know first-hand how annoying that is, but must say they handled it very elegantly and were above it all, which is the sign of a designer with complete confidence who lets nothing ruffle them or pull focus. After all why should it? They are both fabulously talented and ridiculously gorgeous to boot. Oh hold on my new business manager client Hillary is at the door. Haha. Oh relax people, it is just a joke!

Of course it goes without saying I want Kathryn's hairpiece thing, even though the one thing I still have going is hair. Who couldn't use more? Seriously, I could save it for later when that ship sails or something.

I love that we get to see Martyn's client Stacey Dash practically have a tear jerker audition when his installation is revealed. I am SO happy for Martyn that it all really did end up the perfect pad for Stacey Dash but couldn't stop thinking she thought it was an audition for Terms of Endearment? did you?

Perhaps I am just jealous that no one has ever broken out in full blown Academy Award tears for me (and I have had an Academy Award-winning client), either way the entertainment value of all of it kept me glued to the very end of Episode number 5! Thanks for watching!

Mary McDonald on Jewels

Mary knows that the focus of this episode was her extensive jewelry collection.

This episode was clearly hinging upon my fabulous jewelry. . .obviously. . .

I know, I know I keep it all in those plastic trays? Wel. . .for now yes. I honestly have so much it needs to be color-coded and then put in drawers. This house doesn't really have room for all of my glamor. But BTW how can Lavin never had heard of Live Aid, even if he wasn't alive?

I need to overshadow my cast with this riveting episode about my personal jewels and stay silent regarding their stories -- except for Ross and Jeffrey who actually were made for Nantucket. Good job boys. See you both there this summer that's for sure.


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