Mary McDonald

Mary shares her feelings on moving back into her home, Stacey Dash's tears, and JAM's grace.

on Dec 12, 2012

One can see how a designer's own process can drag on, even for ourselves, with shifts and changes even we don't expect as last minute additions come about. I seem to make quite a few U-turns. By the way please remind me to never wear that snake print '50s style dress again because I look enormous. Also, never never never let a camera shoot me from below. . .what the heck is that angle? The old lady neck angle? Yikes.. I am calling Demi right now and asking who nipped and tucked it all. . .like right now. . .or maybe Nicole or Michelle. Please. . .something has gotta give and I don't mean those Diane Keaton turtlenecks!

How much do I love Jeffrey and Ross for being BEYOND gentlemanly and gracious about the continual resurfacing of my book and lamps by their client for inspiration. I know first-hand how annoying that is, but must say they handled it very elegantly and were above it all, which is the sign of a designer with complete confidence who lets nothing ruffle them or pull focus. After all why should it? They are both fabulously talented and ridiculously gorgeous to boot. Oh hold on my new business manager client Hillary is at the door. Haha. Oh relax people, it is just a joke!