Mary McDonald

Mary shares her feelings on moving back into her home, Stacey Dash's tears, and JAM's grace.

on Dec 12, 2012

Of course it goes without saying I want Kathryn's hairpiece thing, even though the one thing I still have going is hair. Who couldn't use more? Seriously, I could save it for later when that ship sails or something.

I love that we get to see Martyn's client Stacey Dash practically have a tear jerker audition when his installation is revealed. I am SO happy for Martyn that it all really did end up the perfect pad for Stacey Dash but couldn't stop thinking she thought it was an audition for Terms of Endearment? did you?

Perhaps I am just jealous that no one has ever broken out in full blown Academy Award tears for me (and I have had an Academy Award-winning client), either way the entertainment value of all of it kept me glued to the very end of Episode number 5! Thanks for watching!