Mary McDonald

Mary explains why she loved and struggled while collaborating with Monika Chiang.

on Dec 4, 2012

Of course, we love seeing Martyn and his adorable boyfriend whom we ALL love Michael Green. It is hilarious to watch him sneak a redesign on his home beneath Michael's nose. Don't do it again Martyn as we all want to keep Michael in the family.

Of course, I LOVED seeing Jeffrey and Ross' client bring my book in as a room inspiration. . .and I thank Jeffrey and Ross for being gentlemanly and polite about it. We have all been there whether we tell that little secret or not of other designers' tear sheets being brought to initial meetings. I am a "the more info the better" type, even if it is someone else's as it gives better direction and acts as a compass but not necessarily the actual design. Anything visual is a language for us to converse.

Of course, Kathryn is entertaining as usual as she tests the food and attempts a few others on her culinary jaunt!

I hope you all come to see the Monika Chinag store in person in Soho NYC!

See you there!