3 First-Class Flying Experiences That Will Poison Coach Forever

You're in for the upgrade of a lifetime.

If you’ve ever sat with your knees crunched into a tray table — which was being dusted by the low-hanging ponytail of the passenger in the row ahead — you’ve probably had enough economy class for a lifetime. Let us upgrade you.

Yes, feast your wanderlust on three of the most exclusive travel experiences in the skies, according to Million Dollar Listing New York’s Fredrik Eklund — who knows a thing or two about luxury. In his new digital series, Million Dollar Listing's Ka-Ching!, Fredrik calls out a few epic experiences that we’re adding to our bucket lists stat.

First up is Emirates' glam first-class experience between New York and Dubai, which will cost a mere $21,000. The offering comes with a full shower, detoxifying juices, and lighting to help eliminate jet lag. (If it works, that’s a perk that you can’t put a price on.) As Fredrik accurately put it, “$21,000 is starting to sound like a deal, right?”

Next up for your dream-trip consideration: a flight in Etihad’s famous Residence class, commonly considered the most high-end offering in commercial air travel. In it, you’ll get not one, but three rooms all to yourself — a bathroom, living space, and bedroom. Plus, you get a butler to serve you — but you won’t be needing him to rid you of a fellow passenger’s ponytail while you spread out in expansive luxury.

If even that isn’t enough (and if it’s not — seriously, who are you?) Fredrik suggests you better go private. “The granddaddy of them all if you have ka-ching coming out of your ears? Nothing compares to owning your own private jet,” he says. Naturally!

Of course billionaire celebs like Bill Gates own their own planes to trot around the globe. Gates’ humble vehicle can travel from Los Angeles to Sydney — that’s 7,400 luxurious miles — without refueling. 

“Bill Gates has called his [plane] a guilty pleasure,” according to Fredrik… who also wants to know: “Bill, what is there to be guilty about? [A] gorgeous interior and you never have to wait in line for the bathroom."

Great points. We’re sold!

To discover more of Fredrik's favorite finds, catch all 12 episodes of Ka-Ching! below.

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