Here's How You Can Party on Malibu's "Billionaires' Beach" (Without a Billion Dollars)

It's super exclusive... but there's a way inside.

Up Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles, Malibu is a world-class "It" destination — with is wide swaths of sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, and laid-back health-conscious culture. But so-called “Billionaires' Beach” has always been a particularly exclusive — not to mention mysterious — enclave within the beach region.

While it's more commonly known by its moniker, the actual name of this chic stretch of sand is Carbon Beach. Comprised of just around 70 private residences, some of the richest Los Angeles area citizens call this beach home — including top-tier industry players in entertainment, tech, and financial fields.

David Geffen spends his time here — when he's not palling around with such stars as Mariah Carey on his 454-foot yacht. So does DreamWorks C.E.O. Jeffrey Katzenberg, The Matrix producer Joel Silver, and handfuls of other Hollywood elites who call this neighborhood home.

The beach itself was once private but those days are no more. These shores now offer public access and up-close views of their famous mansions. The fight to keep the beach private lasted decades: Homeowners in the area valued the privacy in a beach unused by the general public, but conservationists had a more inclusive idea for the sandy haven — an idea that would allow people far and wide to enjoy it. (By California law, the beach itself was always open to the public, but the mansions on Billionaires' Row blocked access to the water.)

With the unveiling of the Carbon Beach West coastal access way right around this time last summer, there’s now a path for all. So pack a bag and hit these special shores for a beach day... billionaire style.

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