Exclusive Video: How Did Newlyweds Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd Decide on a Honeymoon Destination?

After all, the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent and his husband have rather different travel tastes.

Shortly after Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent Josh Flagg married Bobby Boyd, the newlyweds headed to the Tahitian island of Bora Bora, for honeymoon in paradise — and of course, in sheer luxury.

Jet Set caught up with the pair at the Four Seasons Bora Bora to talk about what they're doing on their romantic trip — which, yes, involved lots of sex and nudity. We also heard from the pair what they're definitely not doing on their honeymoon — even though it's a significant stretch for Josh!

So how did the pair, with their divergent personalities and preferences, even settle on a location for their bucket-list trip? They told us that too.

"I always wanted to come here, but I didn’t want to come for a short time — we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for [Bobby]," Josh explained (clip above). For Josh, it's all about maximizing efficiency and stamping up that passport once the suitcases are already packed.

"We wouldn’t have come this far for 10 days. For me, when I come this far in the world, I want to go everywhere else," Josh told Jet Set. "I’ve never been to Fiji. So if I’m here, I’d go from here to Fiji and then I’d go to other places that I've been before, like Australia. I’ve never been to New Zealand. I like to do a whole thing — I either go all in or none."

But Bobby had his eyes on this specific island prize for a long time — and he was more eager to soak it up than to just keep moving. "I wanted to go to Bora Bora for my 30th birthday, and I just think there’s no better place in the world," he said. "And now that I've been, here I’m solidified in that — there is no better place!

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