Madison Hildebrand Was "Hysterical" at the Top of Kilimanjaro: "Hardest Day of My Life!"

Six days and 50 miles left the Million Dollar Listing agent emotional and "so proud."

Madison Hildebrand may have broken his jaw last month — but that didn't stop the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent from performing a feat most of us could never imagine doing in our lifetimes: summitting Mount Kilimanjaro!

His African journey was filled with life-changing moments. On day three, on a photo taken above the clouds, he wrote, "This is crazy. No words can explain!"

This is what the top of the world at sunrise looks like, in Africa, #Kilimanjaro day 3. This is crazy, no words can explain.

A photo posted by Madison Hildebrand (@madisonmalibu) on

At last at the top, he was so overjoyed, he found the energy to do a handstand at the sign! He called it the hardest day of his life.

Upside down, at the top. #Kilimanjaro #holyhell #africa #hardestdayofmylife

A photo posted by Madison Hildebrand (@madisonmalibu) on

But after six days and 50 miles of trekking, he'd done it — "hysterical" though he may have been in that intense moment.

He cried after nearly 10 hours straight climbing rocks, cliffs, and ice with no oxygen. He said he was "crying from joy," calling the moment "so emotional." He said, "such an achievement. I'm so proud." 

And proud he should be!

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